What is the Order of The Silver Rose and it's

1) Our primary Missions are to see to it that all Vietnam Veterans and their families are aware of the fact that their exposure to Agent Orange Dioxins while serving in Vietnam and a few other select areas has made it very likely that they are prone to illness or cancer from more than 21 + Million gallons of AO Dioxins sprayed during the war.
The Veterans Administration and the Government currently recognizes 42 cancers and sicknesses (including Diabetes 2) and also Spina Bifida in the children of Vietnam Veterans. Few Veterans or the families of deceased Veterans are even aware that compensation can be received if they are suffering or deceased from one or more of these appalling illnesses.
We seek to warn all Vietnam Veterans that it is imperative that they receive a yearly full physical with catscans so that these cancers and sicknesses can be diagnosed in hopefully early stages.
2) We seek to bring Honors and Recognition to any Vietnam Veteran living or deceased with the presentation of the Prestigious Order of the Silver Rose Medal and Award. The award is gratis You may go to our website at for more information and a downloadable application. We believe these Heroes deserve this recognition because Agent Orange was a weapon of war and thus qualifies them for the Purple Heart.
We offer the Silver Rose Award to these Heroes in lieu of the Purple Heart since our Government fails to Honor these illnesses as Combat related and that they fail to recognize the great sacrifices these victims have made to this Great Country for our Freedoms. The Silver Rose fills that void for these Heroes.

Greetings and Welcome Home to Everyone:

This is just a news bulletin and we will bring you the newsletter for the last of the year.   I have only two items to share today, but both are very important.

1.      If you have any political connections we need the following done if possible. It will greatly help the Mission of the Silver Rose.   We need to be Congressionally Chartered and entered into the Congressional Record as such. This would give the Silver Rose much credibility. If you can help with this, please contact me. I can direct you to what we need exactly to be done.

2.      Effective immediately.  The new mailing address for the Order of the Silver Rose is:
Gary Chenett
7130 Anna Street
Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439

The website will reflect this but if you have Silver Rose applications please direct them there. At this time I see no changes in my email address or the address for the website.
There will be a lag in Silver Rose applications being processed for just a short period while this move occurs.
My parents are ill and it has become necessary for me to move back to Michigan to care for them. I will be leaving New Orleans by November 11th, 2003

Thanks Gary
Your National Director and Friend


20 Million Gallons of Agent Orange Dioxins!!!!!
More than 42 Cancers and sicknesses "approved by the VA"
Plus Spina Bifida in our Children!!!!!
Is that reason enough for you to get a full physical every year and a CAT scan?????
“PM” (Preventive Medicine) Could Save Your Life………….

Please go to this site and print off the Agent Orange ad. Help to distribute and place in newspapers and newsletters.