May/June 2003

What is the Order of The Silver Rose and it's

1)  Our primary Missions are to see to it that all Vietnam Veterans and their families are aware of the fact that their exposure to Agent Orange Dioxins while serving in Vietnam and a few other select areas has made it very likely that they are prone to illness or cancer from more than 21 + Million gallons of AO Dioxins sprayed during the war.
The Veterans Administration and the Government currently recognizes 42 cancers and sicknesses (including Diabetes 2) and also Spina Bifida in the children of Vietnam Veterans. Few Veterans or the families of deceased Veterans are even aware that compensation can be received if they are suffering or deceased from one or more of these appalling illnesses.
We seek to warn all Vietnam Veterans that it is imperative that they receive a yearly full physical with catscans so that these cancers and sicknesses can be diagnosed in hopefully early stages.
2)  We seek to bring Honors and Recognition to any Vietnam Veteran living or deceased with the presentation of the Prestigious Order of the Silver Rose Medal and Award. The award is gratis You may go to our website at for more information and a downloadable application. We believe these Heroes deserve this recognition because Agent Orange was a weapon of war and thus qualifies them for the Purple Heart.
We offer the Silver Rose Award to these Heroes in lieu of the Purple Heart since our Government fails to Honor these illnesses as Combat related and that they fail to recognize the great sacrifices these victims have made to this Great Country for our Freedoms. The Silver Rose fills that void for these Heroes.

From the Desk of the National Director

The Order of the Silver Rose Directors and I are grateful for all of the support we have been receiving from everyone across America.  I would also like to remind anyone reading this that if they or a friend living or deceased are suffering from AO cancers and sicknesses to apply for the Silver Rose.
The more Veterans receiving this award the more attention we will get from the media in hopefully soon fulfilling our Mission. Special Thanks to the National VVA, The National Veterans Organization of America (NVOA), Nam Magazine, The Texas Veterans and the Tennessee Veterans plus any others I have missed. With your support printing our Agent Orange warning for full physicals I am sure many lives have been saved. Thanks to You!
Have a great summer, Gary Chenett

Directors/Committee Reports

Roger Landry, Maine Director:  Hello Gary and all,  I hope this finds you better Gary and the other directors all doing well. Welcome to the new folks, thank you for caring enough to take the time for the next person. I have finished this year’s session and feel very good about my accomplishments in the State House. I was able to reverse the closing of 2 state veterans centers that was proposed by the Governor in his budget. And I had an amendment added to a state health care reform that call for a task force to find and establish new ways to provide VA health care to vets in rural(and I mean rural) areas. I read recently that a vet named Stephenson took chemical companies to court seeking compensation for his agent orange related illness and was not able to get in on the previous class action because he was diagnosed after the cutoff of payments from the chemical company (s). I am in that same situation and I know there must be others out there as well. Anyway, Stephenson went all the way to the Supreme Court and won his case. So I know there are lawyers out they’re just waiting to jump on this bandwagon. I just don’t know of any locally and I don’t know of any nationally that are legitimate. So if anyone knows of a law firm that is dealing with this on a legitimate basis I need to know it soon. Thanks to anyone that can help.
I have applied for the CRSC program because I am eligible and I followed up my appointment with 2 phone calls to my servicing office.  I have been told that my appointments looks good and that I shouldn’t have any problem getting all of my retirement pay back due to being 100% in the agent orange program. If anyone needs more info on this the best source that I found was: That’s correct capital B and a capital I. If we have any retirees out there that have lost their pension due to agent orange VA disability then they need to check this out. I am off from session until January but my constituency work will go on through then. If I can be of any help to anyone in the Order please email me at my home email which is: or call me at (207) 490 3483. Meanwhile thanks for your help. Gary please take care of yourself brother. Regards Roger

Hal and Maddy
Laffin, Canada Co-Directors:  We attended Rolling Thunder, Memorial Weekend in Washington, D.C.  This was our 10th  Run and it was well attended despite the cooler wet weather. Hal and I handed out Silver Rose info and a lot of our business cards.  We are hoping many will end up in different parts of the U.S. 


Laura Zolman            Ohio Operations Co-Director

James E. Sellers                
North Indiana Co-Director


The Order of the Silver Rose will be having a table at the V V A National Convention in St Louis and will be passing out info and selling merchandise. We need lots of volunteers.  The dates are Tuesday July 29th through Sunday August 3rd at the Adam's Mark Hotel in St Louis.  To make reservations at the hotel please call 314-241-74000.  If you can volunteer to help please contact Billee Culin OR Nancy Rekowski

Silver Rose Medals Awarded

May 1st, 2003
Lance Corporal
Jimmie "Jim" Wesley Gulledge U.S. Marine Corps #128-03
Staff Sergeant
Thomas L. Wise U.S.Army #129-03
Master Sergeant Roger J. Bennett U.S. Army
Sergeant Lawrence J. Klancir U.S. Army #131-03
Specialist E-5 Albert L. Van Coppenolle
U.S. Army #132-03
First Class Sergeant Bobby Lee Deats U.S. Army #133-03
Specialist E-4 Raymond E. Wilkinson U.S. Army #134-03
CW2 Jerry Wayne Gillmore U.S. Army Deceased #135-03
Airman First Class Thomas Craig McKee U.S. Air Force Deceased #136-03
Sergeant First Class Earnest R. Brooks U.S. Army #137-03
Specialist E-4 Dennis A. Giunto U.S. Army #138-03
Staff SergeantKenneth D. Tomlinson U.S. Marine Corps #139-03
First Sergeant Fisher B. Plymale U.S. Army #140-03
Specialist E-4 Rene Amoldo Anzaldua U.S. Army #141-03
 Specialist E-5 Ronald E. Heibler U.S. Army #142-03
Corporal William L. Meyer U.S. Marine Corps #143-03
Sergeant Caldwell Blanks Sr. U.S. Marine Corps
Corporal Garry W. Moore U.S. Marine Corps #145-03
Sergeant First Class
Philip S. Krum II U.S. Army Deceased #146-03
Specialist E-4 Russell S. Stewart U.S. Army #147-03
EN3 E-4 John T. Terry U.S. Navy #148-03
Captain Joseph Hancharick Jr. U.S. Marine Corps #149-03
Sergeant Robert Soto Valle U.S. Air Force #150-03
Master Sergeant John B. Buchanan U.S. Air Force #151-03
Sergeant Jerry E. Kinney U.S. Army #152-03
Senior Master Sergeant Todd R. Mac Arthur U.S. Air Force #153-03
Sergeant Ricky L. Robertson U.S. Air Force #154-03
Specialist E-4 Ronald Wayne Thompson U.S. Army Deceased #155-03
Specialist E-4 Henry Clayton Snyder U.S. Army #156-03
Staff Sergeant William Joseph Benson U.S. Army #157-03
Major Roland Wayne Sitzmore U.S. Army Deceased #158-03
Specialist E-4 Donald P. "Woody" Woodbury U.S. Army #159-03
Specialist E-4 Owen Charles Martin U.S. Army #160-03
Sergeant Rayburn L. Rash U.S. Air Force #161-03
Staff Sergeant Robert M. Bartlett U.S. Air Force #162-03

Honorary Order of the Silver Rose
Disabled American Veterans Chapter #9 Derry, New Hampshire #H-19-03

June 1st, 2003
EN3 James M. Disney U.S. Navy#164-03
AN Robert J. Hug U.S.Navy #165-03
Captain Paul S. Zonderman U.S. Marine Corps
Sergeant Patrick Michael O'Brien U.S. Army #167-03
Corporal Laurence R. Braasch
U.S. Marine Corps #168-03
E-4 James David Cowles U.S. Army Deceased #169-03
Specialist E-4 Ray B. Burkley U.S. Army #170-03
E-2 Richard A. "Buffalo Rick" Galeener U.S. Navy #171-03
CWO2 "R" Lynn Rishel U.S. Navy #172-03
HM-2 Alan C. Meyers U.S. Navy #173-03
Major Charles V. Hoggett U.S. Air Force #174-03
Specialist E-4 Delbert Louis Schmeling U.S. Army #175-03
Specialist E-5 Thomas Joseph Heyde U.S. Army #176-03
E-3 Thomas W. Corbon U.S. Marine Corps #177-03
Sergeant Thomas E. Lewis U.S. Army #178-03
Specialist E-5 Wayne Weisberg U.S. Army #179-03
Sergeant John Rowan U.S. Air Force
Corporal Pastor Toro, Jr.U.S. Marine Corps #182-03
Sergeant First Class
Ronald Powers U.S. Army #183-03


Agent Orange Guam: Congressman Lane Evans of Illinois, the Ranking Democrat on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, has asked Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld by letter for information by 13 June 2003 concerning the use and storage of Vietnam-era herbicides such as Agent Orange, Agent Blue, and Agent White. Veterans who report that these herbicides were used in Guam during the Vietnam era have contacted Evans regarding their presence at the Anderson Air Force Base at Yigo, Guam. Evans provided the Secretary with a report, which indicates that dioxin, has been found in soil at the Air Force Base. Evans also asked the Secretary for an assessment of the use, testing or storage of Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent Purple, Agent White or other herbicides which contain dioxin at locations in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Puerto Rico and various locations in the United States. U.S. locations include sites in Maryland, Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Washington. However, the congressman noted that the amount of herbicides used in some of these locations may have been small amounts for short term testing and may present no danger to populations.
Evans indicated in his letter that veterans, who are claiming service-connection of disabilities that have been associated with herbicide exposure, have had serious difficulty in proving exposure. If the Department of Defense has evidence that herbicides were used in particular areas, during specific periods of time, that information should be made public so that affected veterans may receive appropriate assistance in establishing their claims. He complained that it is more than 30 years since many of the herbicides were used, yet veterans are still having claims denied. This is because the Department of Defense has not been forthcoming with information concerning the locations where veterans may have been exposed and it is well past the time for full and open disclosure.
In addition, he requested an assessment of the use, testing or storage of Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent Purple, Agent White or other herbicides which contain dioxin, including the locations, amounts and relevant the following locations and any other location for which documentation exists:

* Aberdeen Proving Ground (Aberdeen, Maryland)
* Apalachicola National Forest (Sophoppy, Florida)
* Avon Air Force Base, Florida
* Beaumont, Texas
* Brawley, California
* Bushnell Army Air Field, Florida
* Camp Detrick, Maryland
* Dar and Prek Clong, Cambodia
* Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
* Fort Gordon, Georgia
* Fort Richie, Maryland
* Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
* Guanica, and Joyuda, Puerto Rico
* Gulfport, Mississippi
* Huntington County (State College, Pennsylvania)
* Jacksonville, Florida
* Kauai, Hawaii
* Kingston, Rhode Island
* Kompong Cham Province, Cambodia
* Laos
* Las Marias, Puerto Rico
* Las Mesas Cerros and La Jugua (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico)
* Loquillo, Puerto Rico
* Mauna Loa, Hilo, Hawaii
* Operation PACER HO (Disposal At Sea)
* Pinal Mountains (Globe, Arizona)
* Pranburi and other locations in Thailand
* Prosser, Washington
* Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
* Wayside and Wilcox, Mississippi[Source: Congressman Evans News Release 9 May 03 - POC: Mary Ellen McCarthy Tel (202) 225-9756]

BASE EXCHANGE AND COMMISSARY STORE PRIVILAGES:  If you are declared 100% or if you are declared " Individual Unemployability 100%" then a vet can obtain a letter from his regional VA office to grant permanent Base exchange and Commissary store privileges, Done that, been there know how .
SemperFi  Doc_Judd

If you are 100 & or your family qualifies for CHAMPVA you could save lots of time and money.
This information may help you if a family member needs medications, care or overall major health problems-- Did you know that you can get them into most VA facilities and there is no co-payment--unlike CHAMPVA this program will pay 100% for their treatment. Please Go over the list and see if it will help you--this is from the VA website and if your VA care center is not listed-contact them to see if they can be.. It could save a lot of worries and expense.
Important: You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.05 to view and print these forms. You may wish to download and install the free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.05 if you have not done so already.

FEDERAL REGISTER UPDATE May 20, 2003 DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Diseases Not Associated With Exposure to Certain Herbicide Agents AGENCY: Department of Veterans Affairs. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: As required by law, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hereby gives notice that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, under the authority granted by the Agent Orange Act of 1991 and the Veterans Education and Benefits Expansion Act of 2001, has determined that a presumption of service connection based on exposure to herbicides used in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam Era is not warranted for the following conditions: Hepatobiliary cancers, nasopharyngeal cancer, bone and joint cancer, breast cancer, cancers of the female reproductive system, urinary bladder cancer, renal cancer, testicular cancer, leukemia (other than chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)), abnormal sperm parameters and infertility, Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), chronic persistent peripheral neuropathy, lipid and lipoprotein disorders, gastrointestinal and digestive disease, immune system disorders, circulatory disorders, respiratory disorders (other than certain respiratory cancers), skin cancer, cognitive and neuropsychiatric effects, gastrointestinal tract tumors, brain tumors, light chain- associated (AL) amyloidosis, endometriosis, adverse effects on thyroid homeostasis, and any other condition for which the Secretary has not specifically determined a presumption of service connection is warranted.

Veteran angry that individuals cannot address Vietnam inquiry:  23.05.2003 10.03 am
A Vietnam veterans' spokesman has protested plans not to take evidence from individuals at a Government inquiry into New Zealand soldiers' exposure to deadly chemicals.
The Government has put together a select committee to examine evidence that New Zealand defence personnel were exposed to Agent Orange and other defoliants during the Vietnam War.
Vietnam Veterans Association of New Zealand president John Moller said he was horrified to learn the committee was only hearing submissions from veterans' organizations.
Select committee chairwoman and Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick said the committee made the decision because it did not have time to hear evidence from everyone separately.
She said the committee was aware many individuals and their families wanted to contribute to the inquiry.
"We suggest they contact the veterans' organisations directly so that those organisations' submissions reflect their views," Mrs Chadwick said.
Mr Moller said the select committee's terms of reference for the inquiry, announced yesterday were "bloody outrageous and unacceptable".
He said he had brought the matter to the attention of the Prime Minister.
Mrs Chadwick said the veterans should be thanking the Government for undertaking the inquiry -- not rubbishing the select committee for trying to get the matter resolved as soon as possible.
"John Moller is always outraged. He should be thanking us for reopening this because all that has come before us is a map that tends to show Agent Orange was definitely used in Vietnam."
The decision to hold the inquiry followed the discovery of a long-forgotten map providing evidence of defoliant spraying in the area of Nui Dat in Vietnam, where the New Zealand troops were stationed during the war.

10 USC Sec. 1129 01/05/99
Subtitle A - General Military Law
Sec. 1129. Purple Heart: members killed or wounded in action by friendly fire
(a) For purposes of the award of the Purple Heart, the Secretary concerned shall treat a member of the armed forces described in subsection (b) in the same manner as a member who is killed or wounded in action as the result of an act of an enemy of the United States.
(b) A member described in this subsection is a member who is killed or wounded in action by weapon fire while directly engaged in armed conflict, other than as the result of an act of an enemy of the United States, unless (in the case of a wound) the wound is the result of willful misconduct of the member.
(c) This section applies to members of the armed forces who are killed or wounded on or after December 7, 1941. In the case of a member killed or wounded as described in subsection (b) on or after December 7, 1941, and before November 30, 1993, the Secretary concerned shall award the Purple Heart under subsection (a) in each case which is known to the Secretary before such date or for which an application is made to the Secretary in such manner as the Secretary requires.
(Added Pub. L. 103-160, div. A, title XI, Sec. 1141(a), Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1756; amended Pub. L. 105-85, div. A, title X, Sec. 1073(a)(18), Nov. 18, 1997, 111 Stat. 1901.)
1997 - Subsec.
(c). Pub. L. 105-85 substituted ''November 30, 1993,'' for ''the date of the enactment of this section,'' and ''before such date or'' for ''before the date of the enactment of this section or''.
Pub. L. 104-106, div. A, title V, Sec. 521, Feb. 10, 1996, 110 Stat. 309, provided that:
"(a) Award of Purple Heart. - For purposes of the award of the Purple Heart, the Secretary concerned (as defined in section 101 of title 10, United States Code) shall treat a former prisoner of war who was wounded before April 25, 1962, while held as a prisoner of war (or while being taken captive) in the same manner as a former prisoner of war who is wounded on or after that date while held as a prisoner of war (or while being taken captive).
"(b) Standards for Award. - An award of the Purple Heart under subsection (a) shall be made in accordance with the standards in effect on the date of the enactment of this Act (Feb. 10, 1996) for the award of the Purple Heart to persons wounded on or after April 25, 1962.
"(c) Eligible Former Prisoners of War. - A person shall be considered to be a former prisoner of war for purposes of this section if the person is eligible for the prisoner-of-war medal under section 1128 of title 10, United States Code."

Civilians honor Agent Orange vets:  Toledo Blade Article published June 30, 2003
Nine Vietnam veterans were recognized yesterday for injuries received during the Vietnam War. But this time it wasn’t the military awarding the medals - it was a group of conscientious civilians.
"This ceremony has no official sanction from our government or any other government agency," said Dan Foote, staff assistant to U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) and one of yesterday’s award recipients.
"In fact, this is anything but official - this is the only war-related medal awarded by civilians. This is a tremendous honor," he told the crowded room at VFW Post 2984 in Northwood, where more than 50 veterans sat with their families.
The Order of the Silver Rose was founded in 1997 by Mary Elizabeth Marchand after the loss of her father, Navy Chief Petty Officer Frank Davis, to Agent Orange-related lung cancer.
Founders of the Order of the Silver Rose emphasize that although eight cancers and 28 sarcomas are recognized by the Veterans Administration as connected to Agent Orange dioxins, no Purple Heart ever has been awarded to a Vietnam veteran for Agent Orange-related illnesses.
The order wants a Purple Heart awarded to every combat veteran identified under the 1991 Agent Orange Act.
"In World War I, they gave Purple Hearts for mustard gas," said Roy Hernandez, a past award recipient and one of the ceremony’s organizers. "In World War II, they gave it for nerve gas. Now the government’s admitted illnesses due to Agent Orange, but aren’t giving Purple Hearts."
"Agent Orange causes injuries on the inside, not the outside," said Linda Berry, one of the local directors of the Order of the Silver Rose and wife of Bernie Berry, the first to be given the award in northwest Ohio. "These recipients were wounded just as badly as those awarded Purple Hearts."
Recipients yesterday included Jack Bloomfield of Toledo; Mike Bowen of Rudolph, Ohio; Tom Bryce of Toledo; Tom Dugan of Toledo; Arnie Duseburg of Perrysburg; Dan Foote of Walbridge; Russell Stewart of Toledo; Robert Valle of Gibsonburg, Ohio, and Albert Van Coppnolle of Toledo.
Including the nine recognized yesterday, 19 Toledo-area veterans have been awarded the Silver Rose.
Mr. Dugan, 53, in the 25th Infantry Division, was diagnosed with throat cancer in October after never smoking a day in his life. His division was headquartered near the village of Cu Chi, an area heavily sprayed with Agent Orange.
"I didn’t even know I was wounded until I got back - and I do think it’s a wound. I’ve got a nice scar to show for it," Mr. Dugan said, tracing his neck from ear to ear, outlining where surgery was done to remove his cancer.

Agent Orange Bracelets:   Ordering information, three different kinds will be available, personalized ones for living and deceased victims and a bracelet honoring Agent Orange Victims in general The bracelets are of light weight iodized aircraft aluminum and are $9.45 each including postage.
Colors available are gold , silver or black. Please state which color you desire.The words Agent Orange will appear on all of the bracelets
For personalized bracelets:
For the Deceased Victims please include birth date, death date and full name of victim
For the Living Victims please include birth date and full name of victim
The personalized bracelets can say widow, wife, friend etc. of the victim
Please state which you desire
General bracelets will say "In honor of Agent Orange Victims"
Checks and money order accepted , no credit cards please.
Include the name and address to which the bracelet will be mailed.
All proceeds will go towards to the Quilts of Tears Project, which honors Agent Orange Victims, as it travels across the country to Vietnam Veterans Reunions and other Vietnam Veterans events.
Send order to:
Jennie R. Le Fevre
Founder of The Quilts of Tears
6400 W.Shady Side Rd
Shady Side ,MD 20764

AGENT ORANGE FLAGS:  If you would like to buy an AO flag, first of all the price is fair and it goes to Vets. In fact if goes to the Vets that designed it. So if you buy one don't fear it's not made in China or worse yet Vietnam.   The flags are outdoor flags with grommets and are 3 ft by 5 ft.
Write and send your money to the following
Michigan VVA State Council
Attention!!! AO Flag
30039 Beachwood Street
Garden City, Michigan 48135-2332
, they are only $39.95 and that includes shipping. This brings them in about $20.00 less than any others I have found. And the money goes to some great people. Vets, just like us.
If you order any tell them Gary sent you from the Silver Rose, not that they will give you a deal but it will let them know that the ground they broke years before anyone knew about AO is now getting plowed up good and much is Thanks to Them...
If you ever visit my home you will see all 3 flags always flying in my courtyard. 24/7. Gary

VA Handbook: The 2003 edition of “Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents” is now available on the VA web site at This booklet lists the variety of federal benefits available to military veterans and their dependents. Topics covered include health care enrollment, VA claim filing, burial and survivor benefits, and workplace benefits. The booklet is being printed now and distribution will begin 4 APR 03.

The Silver Rose Blues
© 2003 Sarge Lintecum
Agent Orange Award to Veterans from Veterans
(Key of A  D Harp)
They gave their bodies to their country
And their health to Agent Orange
Gave their bodies to their country
And their health to Agent Orange
Someone finally told them thank you
With the Silver Rose Award
Some fought deep in the jungle
And some were River Rats
Some fought in the jungle
Some were River Rats
Each one served with honor
Now their brothers take up the slack
The Silver Rose is an honor
These Vietnam vets have earned
The Silver Rose is an honor
These Vietnam vets have earned
Brothers step in
When a nation forgets
(Lead Breaks - D Harp  24 Bars)
The VA allows forty-two illnesses
They admit come from Agent Orange
Yeah, so far forty-two illnesses
Come from Agent Orange
We gave our bodies to our country
Now we find our health is gone
The Silver Rose is an honor
These Vietnam vets have earned
The Silver Rose is an honor
These Vietnam vets have earned
Brothers step in
When a nation forgets

Russell "Sarge" Lintecum . If you need more info on me my military bio is at my web site . 3 tours, 101st Airborne, Purple Heart, yada yada.
Sgt Russell "Sarge" Lintecum


Agent Orange Ad/Posters

20 Million Gallons of Agent Orange Dioxins!!!!!
More than 42 Cancers and sicknesses "approved by the VA"
Plus Spina Bifida in our Children!!!!!
Is that reason enough for you to get a full physical every year and a CAT scan?????
“PM” (Preventive Medicine) Could Save Your Life………….

Please go to this site and print off the Agent Orange ad.  Help to distribute and place in newspapers and newsletters.

Also, go to this site and print off the Silver Rose Poster and put up so we can spread the word.

Volunteer Needed

Why and how to be a volunteer or director.  If you are interested in helping the Silver Rose by spreading the word of Agent Orange cancers and sickness, please distribute the information on the Silver Rose site.   Please consider being a Director or volunteer. 


We have just received a shipment of Silver Rose Pins. The pin is 1 inch in diameter and an exact copy of the very prestigious Silver Rose Medal.  The cost is only $10.00 including shipping.  You can order it on line at or contact the nearest Silver Rose Director.  We have Silver Rose patches on order too.

SILVER ROSE PATCHES NOW AVAILABLE:  We now have gorgeous Silver Rose patches available for you. They are 3 and 1/2 inches in Diameter and can be purchased either on our website via bankcard or from your local Silver Rose Director or write me directly if you would like to purchase one by check or cash. They are only $10.00 shipping included when purchased online. Visit the website to see a photo of these gorgeous patches.



06/14/03 09:43:23 PM  Split Decision  In our local newspaper there was an article about the "Agent Orange claims revived"...stating ..."The Supreme Court kept alive hopes of cancer stricken Vietnam veterans who want to recover damages for Agent Orange exposure, deadlocking Monday (June 9th) in a case that has implications for anyone who misses out on a settlement of a class action lawsuit. Instead, justice deadlocked 4-4 on a case involving two veterans who blame Agent Orange for their cancers, but got sick too late to claim a piece of the 180 million settlement with makers of the chemical in 1984. The non-decision allows veterans to pursue lawsuits claiming they were wrongfully shut out of the settlement."
There is more to the story, however the problem is these chemical companies believe they aren't liable for anyone after the settlement in 1984. This is absurdly WRONG because how were these veterans to know they would become ill at a later date. It boils my blood that these big corporations can get by with this. What if it was their father, brother, etc. that died as a result of this chemical. You can bet they would be cared for...but we probably would never hear about this.
Something has to break...we can't go on allowing these corporations to sweep their blunders under the rug. My sister cried when she read about this ruling. She lost her husband 3 years ago from A/O. I cried when she told me how it affected her.  Dale
 Dale,  You appear to not be understanding the meaning of the Supreme court decision regarding Agent Orange.
What the tie ruling means is that the case reverts to the lower court decision which stated that
Vietnam vets affected with diseases caused by agent orange after 1996 Are going to be allowed to bring a suit against the chemical companies.  For more information you can go to Larry Stimeling

May 06, 2003 7:50 AM My name is Bob Hug I was readind an artical in Silverrose on 9 AO outside vietnam ), Where it reads -- There are limited records of Naval and AirForce use of AO outside VM and would be interested in the Naval records.
I served on the USS Hancock aircraft carrier in gulf of Tonkin Vietnam from 68 - 70. I worked on the flight deck for two years. I am sure there was AO used in A4A aircraft carried in wing pilions to spray over vietnam, however I am unable to prove that AO was on the carrier.
I had a complete laryngectomee operation in 2000, Cancer of the larynx a Cancer connected with AO. Everyone I talk to states that you have to have stepped foot on ground in Vietnam for an AO case with the VA, Although I did fly into Danang on my way to the Hancock I would still like to prove AO was in fact aboard and even if I can never prove this that the AO herbicides carried for miles and miles and could have affected our plains and our Ship.
I would appreacite any information you can help me with.
Thank You Bob Hug


05/03/03 02:19:51 PM I found out about this medal too late to give it to dad while he was still alive. He died this year on Easter, 100% AO and PTSD. I agree that any Nam vet deserves more than what they got and if it is in Gary's power to get those who died from AO a Purple Heart, so be it. I helped my mother search for 30 years for his friend from Nam only to have him be a pall bearer at dad's funeral. I have so many vets asking me for help in finding their friends, and it tears me up to have to look at the Wall first to make sure they aren't there. Anything more that the Nam vets can get is their reward, late or not. Thank you, Gary. Tami

05/05/03 07:43:03 AM I am an Aussie Nam Vet and served at Phan Rang 68/9 patrolling and ambushing beyond the wire as part of the airbase defence plan. During that time I was exposed to AO both directly and indirectly and the health record of myself and my troops tells the story. We do not have any form of award for death or wounds due to service but I do know of the importance the Purple Heart to my US brothers so this site is particularly heartening to see. Keep up the good work and don't let the system win.  Lawrie

05/09/03 03:00:43 PM Last weekend at the Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vigil, the "Order of the Silver Rose" ceremony was performed for BT-2 Ronald Lee Empfiend U.S. Navy Deceased #121-03. His wife Susie was presented the medal and certificate. It was very touching to know he should be receiving the purple heart, but being in the system does not qualify. Ray Wayne

06/13/03 07:41:41 PM: I am in awe of the dedication that I see from so many families of Veterans in a effort to have their Vet properly recognized for their service and for their continual giving of their lives with PTSD, Agent Orange and all the other illnesses that they have endured. My Vet died on 3/25/03. He is now at peace...the first time since '69! My deepest appreciation for the efforts put into this fine award. I will be applying for my Vet, Michael G. Hall. Nell